Ghana Chapter organizes Cryptography Training
Ghana Chapter organizes Cryptography Training

The training session, which was the first of its kind was aimed at creating awareness on cryptography and the importance of communicating securely on the Internet by encrypting and decrypting emails and signing off emails, as well as attached documents.

Ghana Chapter organizes Cryptography Training
Ghana Chapter organizes Cryptography Training

A former ISOC Ghana Chapter President, Mr. Eric Akumiah who is also the Director of Operations at National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Ghana, pointed out the importance of securing transactions on the Internet using cryptography. “Cryptography ensures confidentiality, authentication integrity and non-repudiation of transactions on the Internet,” said the former ISOC Ghana Chapter President. He encouraged participants to be diligent in order to acquire cryptography skills.

The course coordinator, trainer and President of ISOC Ghana Chapter, Marcus Adomey said the training was long overdue. “Given the challenges the Internet poses with regard to security, there is the urgency to create awareness around the issues and the need to be armed, so that one is not caught unawares, hence the importance of this workshop.” He stressed.

Topics discussed during the training included classical and modern cryptography, basic algorithms for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, cryptographic key management, and introduce core cryptographic tools such as digital signature, digital certificate, and secure socket layer.

At the end of the training participants were able to create pair public-private keys as well as exchange public keys and send encrypted messages. Recipients of encrypted messages were able to decrypt the received messages with their private keys. Participants were also able to sign documents electronically with their private key, and create digital certificates.

At the end of the training, participants were excited about the skills they had acquired and recommended that the training be organized for other members of ISOC and the general public.

Asked what he intended to do his newly acquired skills. Mr. Francis Amaning, the System Administer at Ghana Domain Name Registry and Deputy General Secretary of the ISOC Ghana Chapter had this to say, “this cryptography training has been an eye-opener, and I personally intend to pass the skills I have acquired to my colleagues in my office.

“This is just the first of several workshops that we are organizing to sensitize Internet users on how to remain safe in cyberspace,” said Mr. Adomey.


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