The Interregional Institute for Maritime Safety and Security (ISMI) is organising a seminar to tackle maritime terrorism in the Gulf of Guinea from December 5 to 7, 2017 in Abidjan.

A statement issued by ISMI said the seminar sought to identify threats and risks linked to maritime terrorism, specifically in the Gulf of Guinea, and establish the linkage between the on-going terrorism in the Sahel Region and their connection with piracy, armed robbery at sea and armed terrorist organisations.


The two-day seminar would identify the responses to tackle maritime terrorism, comment on the legal framework, and describe the existing entities for a better sharing of information and inter-agencies coordination in the Region.

This would also include a session to brainstorm recommendations in the field as part of national strategies to prevent and fight such activities in the Region, and support responses by regional organisations.

The statement said attendees would hear from an impressive high level trainers and speakers including Mr Abroulaye Fofana, the Permanent Secretary of the Inter-Agencies Committee for Maritime Law Enforcement, S.E.M. Ambassador of France in Côte d’Ivoire Gilles Huberson and S.E.M. Ambassador Jean-Marc Châtaigner, Special Envoy for the Sahel.

Participants are expected from countries in the Gulf of Guinea, and civil as well as military managers in West and Central Africa.


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