Ismail Jussa Ladu

Ismail Jussa Ladu

The conference, which was organised by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) at the Grand Palace Hotel in Stone Town, was intended for all parties and the police, but participants opted to spend the day checking what was missing in the document.

Codes of conduct are general guidelines setting out standards of behaviour, normally agreed upon on voluntary basis and are not normally incorporated in law.

Because of busy schedule Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) was not represented at the meeting. Political parties represented were: TLP, UDP, UMD,UPDP, NLD, NCCR-Mageuzi, Jahazi Asilia, DP, Demokrasia-Makini, CUF, ACT-Wazalendo, ADC, AFP, APPT, CCK, NRA, SAU, Tadea, Chadema, Chauma and Chausta.

?We cannot sign this document until our desire to include the Police Force and other security agents is fulfilled. We want them to sign the document.

The defence and security forces have been violating human rights, especially during voters? registration,? Mr Ismail Jussa Ladu from CUF lamented.

Mr Ladu and other representatives from political parties believe that having the police sign the document would also help law enforcers to carry out their responsibility without bias and minimise harm to people during any operation.

Unveiling the codes of conduct for political parties, Mr Nassor Khamis, the Chairman of the Political Parties Code of Conduct Enforcement Committee, accepted the demand raised by participants to have at least the Police Force to be among the signatories.

?We have made the amendments and the document is ready for signing next Thursday (July 16, 2015),? Mr Khamis said.

He said, the Code of Conduct document does not, however, have legal status, but all political parties must show commitment to abide by the ?by-laws,? because states provides that political parties and candidates shall publicly and without reservation condemn all forms of intimidation and political violence.

The document states that all political parties and candidates shall at all times avoid defamatory, inflammatory and foul language in all forms.

Provocative, derogatory and insulting attacks on other parties, personalities, ethnic and religious groupings by way of communication, verbal or non-verbal, shall be avoided at all times.

Mr Khamis asked Zanzibaris, particularly those involved in politics, to study the document so they hold political parties accountable to its violations.

By ISSA YUSSUF, Tanzania Daily News


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