An Islamic scholar and leader, Imam Khamis Mohammed Sualah has commended Ghana for its bold step in voting against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The vote became necessary, following the declaration by the United States president Donald Trump, recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv.

Since the pronouncement by the US president about a forthnight ago, there has been series of violent clashes in the Arab countries between police and protesters, resulting in attacks on US Embassies and installations in those countries.

But despite the resentment expressed by the Jerusalem Embassy in Ghana over the stand, Imam Khamis Suala has said the position by Ghana is a responsible one as it does not want to feud the existing clashes in the already volatile region.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has praised Gautama for being the latest country to move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in support of Donald Trump’s recognition.

By. Robert Ayanful



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