The workers’ demand came at the heels of huge public uproar over the many factual and grammatical errors that were found in the brochure for Ghana’s 59th Independence Anniversary parade.


However, the ISD staff were up in arms over a statement Mr Kwarteng Arthur issued, accepting responsibility for the errors, on behalf of the ISD.

This do not go well with the workers who said as far as they were concerned, the department was not involved in any way with the publication of the brochures.

They have subsequently written to the President to remove the Director from his position.

According to them the Department would have saved government and Ghanaians from the embarrassment if it had been involved in the process of the production of the brochure.

“It is important to note that ISD has competent human resources who over the years handled national events with competence to the pride of all. If the Department had been involved in the process of the production of the brochure, it would have saved the government and the people of Ghana from the embarrassment.” they stated in their petition to the President.

They further accused their director of disrespecting both management and employees of the ISD.

“Since Mr. Arthur’s appointment to ISD, his style of administration has been autocratic and has shown gross disrespect to both management and other staff members of the Department.”

Meanwhile, the Francis Kwarteng Arthur, has revealed that he ‘forged’ the letterhead on which the department issued an apology for the error-ridden brochure used at the 59th Independence parade.

After causing Ghana a huge ‘international embarrassment’, Mr. Arthur issued an apology letter saying he was responsible for the mistakes in the Ghana @59 brochure.

The said brochure captured the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta who was the guest of honour at the event held at the Black Star Square, as the President of Ghana, as well as other grammatical and typographical errors.

However, in a sudden twist of events, the acting ISD Director told his angry staff that the brochure was approved by the Flagstaff House, although his outfit provided the content, and shockingly admitted seeing the errors but had to allow the brochures to be used.

He also admitted forging the letterhead which carried the Department’s apology.

He said when social media went haywire over the issue; he forged the letterhead of the ISD and issued the apology letter.

“I do not have a copy of the ISD letterheads in my files. Indeed all the letters that go out, I have encouraged my deputy directors to do that work for me. They do the drafting, they bring it to me, I look at it, if there are corrections they go and redo it, and they put my name and I sign it.

He explained that, “So yesterday when push got to shove, I didn’t have access to the official letter head so on my laptop, I had the coat of arms there so I just lifted the coat of arms and with my computer skills that I have, I typed under it. So what you see there is what I generated and this is to explain the reason why it is not an official and a notable letterhead that all of you are familiar with.”



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