Flagstaff House
Flagstaff House

The factual inaccuracies, the grammatical errors and typographical mistakes that have outshined an otherwise successful [email protected] Independence Anniversary has taken a dramatic twist and appears not to go away anytime soon.

Flagstaff House
Flagstaff House

While workers of the ISD have denied culpability in the error-ridden Independence Day brochure, and are up in arms with the acting director, Mr. Francis Kwarteng Arthur, for accepting responsibility for something they did not do.

Officials at the Flagstaff House, the seat of Government, also hitting their heads together, with the head of the independence planning committee, Commodore Steve Obimpeh, said to be pointing accusing fingers at the Head of Flagstaff Communications Bureau, Stan Dogbe, for the course of the errors.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dogbe has not commented on the unfolding events yet.

On Monday, the ISD in a statement signed by the acting director, Mr. Kwarteng Arthur, accepted blame for the mistake and apologized to the president, John Mahama, and the people of Ghana for the mistakes.

But in a response, some of the workers have denied that the ISD was responsible.
They claim that the imprints of the brochure indicate the Flagstaff House Communications Bureau was responsible for it and wondered why the ISD was being blamed for it.

Madam Jemima Nancy Asare,´Head of Operations at the ISD, in a no barred statement, wrote on her facebook wall “What really did Information Services Department do? Somebody, talk to me. In ISD are professionals who are good at what we do, even if we are starved of cash to work.
Is anyone listening to the Chairman of the planning committee, Commodore Steve Obimpeh? Did anyone read the backcover of the brochures. Was that ISD you saw?  Please give I SD a break., she charged

The error-ridden brochure, which was distributed during Ghana’s 59th Independence Day celebration at the Black Star Square in Accra on Sunday, was characterised by incomprehensible grammatical expressions, poor spellings and a host of other inaccuracies. It has provoked outrage and condemnation among a section of the public.
Among the many mistakes in the brochure was the description of Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, as the President of Ghana.

Expressions such as, “The innovated partnership is being concretised in many areas of economic trajectory, particularly trade…”, “…rainbow at the end of the tunnel…”, “…as if by divine-designed…” and “Ghana is a low-income country in the world…”, have also been described as ambiguous or false by some observers.

Interestingly, the errors have gone viral, with the Kenyan media jumping into the fray with some ridiculous headlines.

One of such newspapers questioned whether Ghana has grabbed Uhuru Kenyata as their president.

The newspaper in its report said “Ghana made a farce of its Independence Day celebrations after government officials confused Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta to be their own head of state in the official programme.”

The paper continued “The brochure for the event had other embarrassing errors, including spelling mistakes and wrong facts about Ghana’s economic status and location on the world map.

Images of the brochure distributed to guests during the 59th Independence Day celebrations in the capital city, Accra, have gone viral and exposed the Ghanaian government to ridicule”.

To add salt to injury, the paper captured the error laden part of the brochure to the report capturing the vivid and unpardonable mistakes.

Ghana is nowhere near the equator. The authors of the brochure probably meant the Greenwich Prime Meridian that passes near its eastern border with Togo.

The meridian is a geographic co-ordinate that divides the world into two and is used to determine time zones.

A letter from Ghana’s Information Services Department (ISD) has since apologised for the numerous errors in the brochure for an event considered one of the country’s most significant celebrations in the calendar.

Source: The Enquirer


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