The Member of Parliament for Subin, Mr. Isaac Osei took his door-to-door campaign to Asafo, one of his strong holds within his constituency.

Isaac Osei
Isaac Osei

Interacting with residents, he urged them to reject the incompetent NDC government by voting massively for the NPP in the December general elections to win power, so they will be able to continue with the good works of President Kufuor.
He was mobbed by some enthusiastic youth who continually chanted ?Free Education? to register their desire for the NPP?s Free SHS flagship program.

Isaac Osei?took the opportunity to explain to residents the importance of the Free SHS which has been promised by the NPP, and also emphasized that, aside the absorption of cost; quality and accessibility are important ingredients of the program, thus the introduction of the Teachers First Policy and the plan to build cluster schools in areas where there are none.

He told them the program will immediately take-off once Nana Akufo-Addo is sworn-in as President on 7th January 2013, to enable students benefit from the policy in the next academic year which begins in September of the same year.
At the Asafohene?s palace, the assembly woman for the area, Madam Akua Afriyie, mentioned that the Member of Parliament provided school desks and tables, and computers for the Awere basic school, and rehabilitated some classrooms.

Madam Akua Afriyie further stated that Mr. Isaac Osei personally financed the provision of culverts around the Asafohene?s palace.

In addition to that, the Member of Parliament provided street lights to some parts of the Asafo Electoral Area. She told the gathering that, they do not know anyone else except their Member of Parliament, Mr. Isaac Osei.

Mr. Isaac Osei later in the day, met with some polling station executives at the Dadiesoaba Electoral Area and reiterated the need for them to work extra hard by intensifying their door-to-door campaign to ensure a first round victory for the party in the upcoming elections. He advised that, their campaign message to the electorate should be centered on three thematic areas: Free SHS improved Healthcare and Employment for the youth.

He encouraged them not to lose hope yet; ?the next NPP government led by Nana Akufo-Addo, God-willing, will restore its quality and easy accessibility?.

The assembly man for the area, Mr. Adusei, thanked Mr. Isaac Osei for the provision of street lights and the new bore-hole which has just been built to improve access to good drinking water to the people of the area. He said Dadiesoaba had benefited from the MP?s scholarship scheme which currently covers about 220 students in second-cycle and tertiary institutions.


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