Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright

The 19-year-old actor shot to fame in 2011, after landing the role of Bran Stark on the hit HBO series, which earned him a Young Artist Award nomination as Best Young Supporting Actor in a TV Series.

Despite having a far from normal upbringing on the programme, Isaac has admitted that the role made him grow up quickly.

He told the latest issue of Rollercoaster Magazine: “Looking back retrospectively, I can just see how f**king weird my childhood’s been.

“It’s literally my adolescence! I’ve become a man on Thrones.”

The ‘Close Circuit’ actor also admitted that it was like “losing a very, very good friend” whenever a character would die on the show, especially when Kristian Narin’s alter-ego Hodor was killed by wights, giving time for Bran (Isaac) to flee.

He said: “It’s devastating! You’re spending a huge amount of time in close proximity with these people so they are hugely close and important to you.

“When you lost one of them, it’s really like losing a very, very good friend.

“I found that especially with Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor. Losing him was a really sad thing.”

Isaac says that ‘GoT’ could last forever, but he believes it would be doing the show a disservice to continue because it’s “so unique and televisually unparalleled”.

He also described the final season, which starts on April 14, as “the absolute pinnacle” ‘Game of Thrones’.

He admitted: “I truly believe we’ve created something so unique and televisually unparalleled that it would be sacrilege if we tried to do another season.

“This is the absolute pinnacle of ‘Thrones’, and that’s the thing.

“It’s a story, and stories have their conclusions.

“We could do 10 more seasons of this and people would watch it and everyone would make loads of money, but it’s time for the story to end.”


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