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Yvonne Nelson the name on everybody?s lips and the dream woman of many men. Nonetheless the question many people ask is ?how did she become so famous in such a short time?? Is it all because of her ?waist?? Or is it simply because she is an amazing actress? One thing is for sure it has nothing to do with the Illuminati. Yvonne?s rise to fame didn?t just happen overnight, many people do not know this but her career actually kicked off in 2005 when she was entered as one of the contestants in Miss Ghana in 2005. From this she won a two year contract as the face of Maxim Cosmetics, she then later and landed a role in the Ghanaian TV series ?Fortune Island? in which her acting career took off.

Her first lead role was in the Ghanaian movie ?Princess Tyra? she then went on to Nigeria to shoot her very first collaboration with Nigerian actress Genevieve Naji in 2007. She has since shot a lot of movies in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and more. She then founded the ?YVONNE NELSON GLAUCOMA FOUNDATION? in 2010 to help create awareness about the disease. She has now also tried her hands at production. She did so when she produced her very first movie ?THE PRICE? in 2011, followed by ?SINGLE AND MARRIED? which won her two awards. One for ?best picture ?GMA? and the other for ?best Ghanaian movie in Nigeria? in the city people awards in 2013.

She has since followed up with another interesting production ?HOUSE OF GOLD? which seems to be another hit show among her fans. With all of these awards under her belt, it seems that Yvonne?s originals plans were to become a famous rap artist and not an award winning actress. In 2005, as part of her Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant entry, Yvonne entered the talent competition with an original rap song which won her the ?Best Talent? award in the beauty pageant. So I guess it is safe to say that if Yvonne decides to take a break from being an actress, we may all have to watch out for her as a rap artist.

All in all we now know that Yvonne?s rise to fame was not at all sudden but simply all due to her hard work and determination.  So is it clear? Yvonne?s fame has nothing to do with her ?waist? or any ?medicine? that all came much later?.

Written by Samilia Hutton-Mills


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