Yes, there may be?many ways?to wriggle out of the Kumawu chieftaincy impasse. If Kumawuman citizens will learn, know, understand and apply their history very well, there will be a way out. If Kumawuman citizens will eschew their usual apathy, then by means of empathy, they will achieve their primary objective of having a dynamic visionary leader. If Kumawuman citizens will see the contest of stopping evil from prevailing over good as their collective battle to win,?then there is a hope. Without any assumptions?of the battle?being a particular family’s affair to deal with all?by themselves, then there will be a huge way out of the impasse.


Furthermore, if they will succumb to the selfish malevolent pursuits by Asantehene,?Kumawuhemaa and the Kumawu kontrihene, there will also be a way out. If they will through obeisance allow Asantehene to attain that horrendous act of “ma me nnsuo nndware, ma me aduane ni, ma me edan na mu na?ma me 3baa nne no nna”, there can be a way out.


Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder and leader of the French racist political party -?National Front – once said,?”Tomorrow a stranger will come to your home, eat your soup,?sleep in your bed?and?have sex?with your wife”. He saw and still sees immigrants as vermin with untoward character. They adventurously avail themselves of opportunities without shame, or have no respect for their host, they reap where they have not sown, he?thinks.


Will Asantehene not somehow be guilty of the?very charge that has spurred Jean-Marie Le Pen on to become that ridiculous racist with passionate hatred towards immigrants in France? Asantehene by well-known custom and tradition has not the least?power nor authority over Kumawuman?paramount stool let alone, its stool lands. By the extension of his unhindered libidinal relationship with Kumawuhemaa coupled with the insatiable?folly of the Kumawu?kontrihene, he?has come to view himself?having overpowering authority over everything relating to Kumawu. He has free sex; the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi?II gave him a large parcel of Kumawuman land free; he earnestly entreated Kumawuman?royals?to allow him?toarbitrate the?Kumawu?chieftaincy disputation. Now,?he is usurping the powers of Kumawuman and lords himself over the inhabitants.?He has no respect for the people and their well-being.


He has the power to survey Kumawuman lands with the motive of dividing it among Agogo, Kumawu and Kwamang, probably. Who gave him that authority??Is it subsequent upon the deception?emanating from free sex whereby he thinks he has the additional absolute right to do whatever pleases him? Then Jean-Marie Le Pen may be right when he becomes apprehensive of what strangers can?do when allowed?unrestricted space to act?freely.


Does Asantehene attach any importance to his Great Oath – “Asantehene Ntam Kese?” Is there any statute of limitation on his Great Oath when invoked? Should people continue to suffer?deprivation of essential and infrastructural developments because of Asantehene’s lackadaisical attitude to resolving problems, as it?is the case?with?Kumawuman?


Kumawuhemaa who celebrated the 5th anniversary of the death of Barima Asumadu Sakyi II on Wednesday, 11th July 2012 has always been right about one?thing. She has always stated without fear or favour that, Asantehene can never decide the?pending Kumawu chieftaincy case against her for a reason already stated in my previous articles?- their special?sexual?relationship. Lo and behold, her prediction is coming to?fruition with the obvious delay tactics employed by Asantehene. Whatever they do, they will fail very miserably in their tracks according as ordained by God.


Kumawu kontrihene caused the arrest of two persons who participated in the demonstration that took place in Kumawu on Monday, 9th July 2012. The police arrested, and had them bailed, on Wednesday, 11th July 2012.



John Fosu


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