Thought about buying an extended warranty on your laptop or notebook purchase? Think again. Not purely with regards to the cost (that’s something we can learn to live with) but what service is really being offered. Your computer warranty will cover software, at least on the preloaded ones, and probably hardware to some degree. This means if the OS crashes or your Registry goes corrupt, taking your system down to a service station will be of little consolation. Seeing as you probably paid a fourth of the cost of your laptop on getting an extended year of warranty, you want to think through it again!

You’ll find better alternatives to getting Online Computer Support on your computer or laptop. Online Computer Support services are fast gaining popularity due to several factors – pricing, serviceability, ease of use, and end to end support.

Besides, getting lifetime support from a tech support provider most likely cost you less than extend warranty cover on the software, and you get 24 x 7 support with better services overall. There are certified IT professionals that offer support for PC and Mac, and other computer peripherals. Everything from installing printer device, configuring router, setting up custom wireless connections, and enabling shared hardware on multiple computers is remotely delivered on an internet connection. You can even get audio and video support for multi-adapters, drivers, plug-ins, and installation for add in audio cards and webcam.

Advanced queuing infrastructure enables these third-party vendors to serve customers on a shorter turnaround time, so your call is never on hold and the time between your call and delivery is essentially the time that it takes to fix the bug, download software, or configure your email client. The user gets to watch everything that the technician does on their screen itself alongside telecom support. This enables the user to look around for custom options every step of the way while a virtual technician operates on the computer. You can keep these things optimize the speed of your internet connection, reduce start-up time, and be able to look for registry corruption or figure out the easiest method to run a browser.

The worst part about getting a complete software suite, whether an antivirus/antispyware or MS Office, is that these programs run heavy on your processor, best of all the time that it requires to download multi-GB antivirus programs or office tools. As there are few alternatives to these with regards to the functionality they offer, most users take sluggish performance with a pinch of salt. What Online Computer Support service essentially does something that a vendor would probably not, is that aside from resolving an incidence of error or malfunction, it also optimizes the performance of your computer? Because of this they will free up space on your hard drive, delete junk files and internet cookies, and configure a behavioural detection engine which eases the effort of the antivirus and reduces the time it takes over each consecutive scan. The result – better performance all round and security too!

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