Rotimi Makinde

A lawmaker representing Ife constituency in the Federal House of Representative, Rotimi Makinde, has called on the military Joint Task Force and the media to design modalities on how news reports won’t aid the activities of Boko Haram terrorists’ sect.

In a statement on Thursday, Makinde urged the two parties to ensure more discreet ways in reporting the activities of the Boko Haram sect in the North East, saying that would avoid creating fear in the public.

While condemning the activities of the terrorists, the lawmaker said it was important for JTF to operate in secrecy if it must conquer Boko Haram.

The Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Human Rights,  said, “There is need to review the media contents being churned out on the activities of the dreaded sect is pertinent such that terrorists will not be using coverage both for publicity and recruitment tool; prevent leakages of mapped out strategies and diffuse heightened apprehension around the country.

“There is no doubt that terrorism must be reported. However, the way the events are framed and the extent to which it is covered is also important. Achieving this may not only prevent terrorists from using media coverage as an important publicity and recruitment tool, but may also prevent the emergence of an atmosphere of fear at the public level.

“It could also force government and security elite to make more rational decisions regarding countering terrorism and dealing with public outrage.”

Commending the commitment of the media to the Nigerian project, he stated that the clarion call and fight against the sect required collective responsibilities.

“Just as the security elite can de-securitised issues in international affairs through speech-acts, media can adopt the same approach and de-securitised terrorism-related acts and stories through covering those incidents just as any other story in a more general perspective,” he said.


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