After the launch of the big brother star game and the ushering of the downville contestants into the house, one thing that struck 18newspaper was the change in name by Ghanaian female singer Eazzy’s to Mildred.

The change of name brought arguments between some media pundits and fans of this female rapper hence we decided to find out what could have coursed the change of name in the BBA house by Eazzy.

First of all, one thing we gathered from the research was that, Eazzy is not in the big brother house as a celebrity, she is there as a normal contestant vying to win a $300 000 price tag hence she has to use her real name and not her stage name.

The deal is if Eazzy had gone into the BBA house as a celebrity, she could have used her stage name plus will be at upville but she is not hence fans should bear with her with the change of name it is not her fault.

But some school of thought raised the concern that Sammy B, Mimi and Kwaku T all used their stage names in the BBA house so Eazzy had no excuse to change her name.

Well that school of thought we spoke to is very right that the above names used their stage names but those stage names turn up to be their real names so probably if Eazzy was the female rapper’s real name, she could have used it too.

Now the big question 18newspaper asked some university students and stake holders randomly about what they think of the change of name of Eazzy whether it has a positive or negative sign for her in the house.

The university students views sampled by 18newspaper reveals that, many feel it is a wrong step for her as she will lose some fan base and votes as Mildred because many of her fans even in Ghana hardly know her as Mildred how much more the African countries hence for them it is a negative sign, they pray she goes far winning people’s heart across Africa as Mildred for votes.

A sampled view from some stake holders also gave a different opinion saying: ‘yeah many fans do not know her as Mildred fine, but now they get to know the real celebrity they love through big brother.

Eazzy’s change of name to the stakeholders is a positive sign because when people (fans) get to know her true self, they fall in love with the real person and also come to understand her in some ways with regards to what she does sometimes, hence Africa will accept a new person called Mildred plus they will vote for her.

18newspaper also spoke to a close pal to the artiste now in BBA and she did not want her name to come out but added: ‘Mildred is more fun than the Eazzy people know, as Mildred, she is able to do things that makes people around love her more but as Eazzy she is been regulated scared of what media might say, so for her as a friend of both characters, she thinks Africa will fall in love with the Mildred more than Eazzy hence the change of name is better for her.

The voice of the people is the voice of God as a popular saying goes means that Eazzy’s change of name at the BBA is a good sign for fans and Africa to get to know the real persona and falling in love with it, 18newspaper wishes Mildred and her boy all the best.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.18newspaper.com


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