Hello guys and welcome to another episode of #AmeyawSays. I this episode, I talk about Bisa Kdei?s performance in Togo and Sarkodie?s ?New Guy? music video with Ace Hood.

I was recently in Togo for the first time to attend Tottenham Hotspur striker, Emmanuel Adebayor?s SEA Foundation Festival. The festival is all part of SEA Foundation?s initiative to raise awareness for its projects and the work it?s currently doing. Part of the funds raised will go towards projects that SEA Foundation is supporting. The SEA Foundation was set up by the charismatic footballer in 2014 to bring together his various philanthropic endeavours. He has been involved in government initiatives and development projects in Togo for several years, as well as acting as an ambassador for the health and education charity Vision Togo.

During my stay in Togo, it was not difficult to understand why Adebayor is so loved by the people. He has a wonderful personality ? loves a good laugh and has a good heart. Anywhere he went, he was swamped by a crowd. I experience his ?charity? just as much as I observed the sheer magnitude of his wealth, which included several mansions in the area, luxurious cars and an opulent lifestyle which he openly shares with his guests.

One of my highlights of the trip was seeing contemporary highlife singer, Bisa Kdei wow the Togolese fans.   Bisa rocked the stage with a simple but well-coordinated performance of his hit songs including ?Azonto Ghost?, ?Odo Carpenter?, ?Give It to Baba? and others. It was just amazing seeing the Togolese sing along to songs not in their native language, and doing it so well. This led me to the question, ?Is Bisa Kdei appreciated that much back home in Ghana??

It was almost a Ghana take-over in Lome, with comedians Funnyface and Salinko entertaining Adebayor and his guests. I was also impressed with the staging of the concert ? good sound and lighting.

Finally Sarkodie has released the video to his new single, ?New Guy? featuring American rapper, Ace Hood. The song is gradually growing on me, and the video made me appreciate the song more. I think the Justin Campos directed music video did justice to the music and the feedback to the video has been generally better than when the audio was released. What do you think about the video? Have you say?.



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