Ireland on Monday published this year’s action plan for education, aimed at making the country’s education and training system the best in Europe within a decade.

The plan is based on five high-level goals and aims to achieve its goal by 2026.

Under the plan, over 400 actions with a focus on skills, technology, well-being and tackling disadvantage will be delivered.

“The government has high aspirations for our citizens and recognizes the important role that education plays in providing opportunities for everyone to reach their potential,” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said at a launch ceremony.

“The 2017 plan shows great vision in working towards our overall ambition to have the best education and training service in Europe by 2026,” he said.

Under the 2017 budget, the department of education secured an extra 458 million euros (491 million U.S. dollars) in funding for education to bring the total budget to 9.53 billion euros, the third highest amount spent on education in Ireland’s history. (1 euro = 1.07 U.S. dollars) Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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