Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani
Head of the Judiciary
c/o Public Relations Office
Number 4, 2 Azizi Street intersection
Islamic Republic of Iran

Your Excellency:

I am William Nicholas Gomes, Human rights defender and Freelance journalist.

I am writing to voice my deep concern about the the health and well-being of Ms. Mohamamdi.

Narges Mohammadi is Deputy Director of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre (DHRC). She was elected as President of the Executive Committee of the National Council of Peace in Iran, a broad coalition against war and for the promotion of human rights. She has campaigned for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran, and was awarded the Per Anger Prize by the Swedish government for her human rights work in 2011.

Human rights defender Narges Mohammadi has been imprisoned since May 2016 for being found guilty of charges brought against her as a result of her human rights work, including her efforts to challenge the death penalty.

On 18 May 2016, the Revolutionary Court of Iran sentenced Ms. Mohammadi to 16 years imprisonment on several counts including for “membership in the [now banned] Step by Step to Stop the Death Penalty” group, for ”taking part in assembly and collusion against national security” and “committing propaganda against the state”. Intelligence ministry officials arrested her at her home on 5 May 2015.

I have received information from Front Line Defenders that they have received reports that Ms. Mohammadi was recently threatened while in prison after she had initiated the hunger strike to protest arbitrary sanctions imposed on her in the prison, including preventing her from communicating with her family.  According to these reports a judicial representative stationed at Evin Prison, Mr. Abbas Hajiloo “had a threatening conversation with [Ms. Mohammadi] and told her she must stop the hunger strike because enemy media outlets are taking advantage of it. The same official made it clear that if Ms. Mohammadi continues to press her demand she will not be allowed to talk to her children on the phone.”

While Ms. Mohammadi has since ended her hunger strike after being granted regular calls with her children, she is already suffering from compromised health, in part due to her previous confinement in prison, and she has received poor medical attention while in prison since May, causing complications for treatment she was already undertaking.

I am seriously concerned about the health and well-being of Ms. Mohamamdi and call on you and the Iranian authorities to release Ms. Mohammadi immediately and permit her to continue her critical work for Iranian society and citizens, as well as to enjoy the freedom of movement so as to be able to be with her family, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Yours sincerely,

William Nicholas Gomes
Journalist and Human Rights Activist
York, United Kingdom



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