Iran is capable to enrich uranium at “whatever level of purity,” Ali Asghar Zarean, a special assistant to the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), was quoted as saying by state TV on Saturday.

“Right now, if the (Islamic) establishment deems necessary, the AEOI has the capability to enrich uranium at whatever percentage of purity”, Zarean said.


Zarean noted that Iran is currently producing 10 kilograms of uranium each day at under-5-percent purity level.

The stockpile of low-grade enriched uranium produced by the country has exceeded 1,200 kg, he said, adding that “it is being increased at full speed.”

Iran is now injecting gas into its IR-4 and IR-2m generation of centrifuges for producing enriched uranium, he said.

He added that Iran is in the process of devising IR-9 generation centrifuges. Enditem


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