The International Project Management Trade, Investment and Industrial Conference (IPMATIC) is underway in Accra.

The conference which is aimed at galvanizing the human resource capital of Africa into a central think tank that would evaluate and quantify the value of Africa?s human and natural resource endowments and translate them into total industrial independence for Africa using Project Management best practice principles, is being attended? by resource persons from Nigeria and Ghana.

The Conference which is in its second day, is being addressed by leading business magnates seeks to also institutionalize regulatory board and instruments to enforce the findings and resolves from the conference on related trade institutions across Africa for sustainable industrialization.

Africans are advised to join forces to help industrialize the continent through the use of ICT and Trade Liberalization.

It was noted that the time for Africa to begin the long journey to industrial independence is now, and that Africa had been a source of raw materials for all industrialized nations, therefore, it was time for Africa to use the raw materials on its own continent to develop.
The IPMATIIC Africa Conference aims at bringing total industrial independence to Africa and is expected to attract between 700 and 1,000 participants from other parts of the world.
The conference had received partnership from organizations such as the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM), International Project Management Commission (IPMC) and that it had a global recognition status.
Dgnitaries that are gracing the conference are Professor Dr George Mentz, Founder AAPM, Hazel Hill, Managing Director of Wales Global Limited, and Mick Campbell, Founder of OPPM International.
IPMATIIC had also gained support of various government agencies including the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and the Ghana Immigration Service.
Ghanaian businesses and entrepreneurs are called upon to to be part of the conference that was sure to help bring industrial revolution to Africa.



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