The latest conjecture that is doing the rounds in the iPhone fanatics circle is that there are certain parts of the upcoming iPhone 5 that have been noted and they are already on sale. The supposed parts that have been leaked are a headphone jack, earpiece and a Wi-Fi cable part.

The website released this news of the leak and as the site is an online vendor it started selling these components immediately. Though this is not the first news about iPhone components leak, these new parts that are supposedly available seem to have attracted more iPhone application developers and iPhone app programmer as these components can be attributed to the applications they are planning to develop.

The 3 New Leaked Components and Their Value
If the new components are legitimate then it becomes evident that there is going to be a significant change and departure from the current component regulation which is currently present in the existing versions of iPhone.

In the iPhone 4 and 4S, the headphone jack, volume buttons, and mute switch are grouped together on a single component, while this new part associates the headphone jack with the earpiece speaker and Wi-Fi cabling.

The components, for sale at $US7.71 on SW-Box, differ from the previous iPhones in which the headphone jack is located near the volume buttons and mute switch. The leaked headphone jack appears to be attached to the earpiece and Wi-Fi components, suggesting enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with minimal interference and, potentially, a new shape. The leak suggests the design of the iPhone 5 has been finalised and is on its way. Apple has not announced whether it will debut at its WWDC on June 11th.

No Details on iPhone 5’s New Look
Though these parts have been clearly explained with their working structure and procedure, they give no insight towards the configuration or the basic model of the much anticipated smart phone, iPhone 5. According to a recent report from this technical website called, which specializes in the specifications and news related to Apple and its products, Apple still has not zeroed in on the final design, structure and configuration of the avant-garde smart phone. has been a reliable source of information about Apple products, so if information from that site has to be relied on then iPhone app developers do not have much worries as it is believed that the screen size of the new iPhone will not be more than four inches. But there are other speculations contradicting this status saying that Apple still has not decided upon the exact dimensions of the screen.

The Improved Dock Connector
It is also theorized that the new device will feature a smaller dock connector which is still under the process of development. A dock connector is a connector used to attach a mobile electronic device simultaneously to multiple external resources this connector may be embedded in a mechanical fixture used to support or align the new iPhone device. With Apple scraping the 30-pin dock connector, it is now expected to find a solution soon. And with regards to that Apple has signed-up to a European agreement to deploy micro-USB as interconnect for its devices, but hasn’t done anything to adopt it. This may be because of the fact that Apple wants to go cable-free. The main reason for the abandoning of the 30-pin connector is that Apple intends to use that space inside the machine various other technologies so it is not very wise to expect Apple to add an additional tool to enable the former.

As speculated earlier the home button is now not expected to be different from the existing one and the traditional, circular home button is now said to be sustained in this version too. With as many as a hundred speculations rising their way to the ears of iPhone fans and iPhone app developers, per day, it is not very clear on the path and procedure of Apple towards iPhone 5. But if we are to trust sources which have been trustable in the past then this new device is definitely on its way to revolutionize the workings and the fundamental quality of smart phones.

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