iPad has some features that encourage the e-book reading. The first and fore most feature is its screen size that is larger than iPhone, it is 9.7 inch diagonal and 768×1024 resolution. Display of text is crisp and easily readable. Display of graphics is immensely superb so you can fall in love with it. There are easy availability of e-books on iTunes store so readers may have better options to choose a book of their choice. You have your choice at your finger tip and all this magic is possible with iPad e-book application development.Screen size is ideal for an e-book reader. It is scientifically set to read at day or night time as its adjust automatically and give excellent comfort to your eyes. You can read lots of stuff at a time and see pictures of your likeness. Its brightness is set up scientifically so you can read e-books at night time too. Apart from this its size of fonts and types of fonts are suitable for easy reading. You can set fonts of your likeness while you are reading. Its background is fine tunes with all elements so its look robust. You can find background ideally fit for iPad e-book application development. You can set your background light as per your requirements so nocturnal reading becomes easy. You can set up your text size and text type face style as per your requirements. You can satisfy your end users’ type face style by allowing them to set up their choice it may be Times New Roman or Arial while some may prefer Halvatica or Platino Linotype. This way you can facilitate their lengthy e-book reading as it gives ultimate comfort to its readers. Graphics is an important part of an e-book and iPad e-book application development renders best graphics in their application development. Graphics is crisp and attractive so it tempted its users a lot. High memory power play an important part in e-books reading that allows you to collect books of your choice irrespective of their memory consumption.You can read your e-books just like a real book and flip the pages with your fingers as you do in real world book. You can change the orientation of your iPad with the help of its accelerometer so you can read your e-books in portrait mode or landscape mode whichever suits you the best. When you change the mode it adjust automatically and offers you comfortable reading. You can save e-books in whatever amount you wish and need not to carry heavy weights on your shoulders it is in your palm only. You can search your choice of e-books on your iPad e-book application development with its search facilities. You can instantly down load and start reading it.

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