The investigative committee set up by the Kano State government to investigate the collapse of a concrete structure beam has indicted the construction company handling the project accusing it of professional negligence.

The committee headed by Engineer Sadeeq Usman, yesterday submitted its report to the Kano State commissioner of Works, Alhaji Kabiru Yusif, having completed the seven days time frame given to the committee to file its report.

Reading the executive summary of the report, the committee chairman revealed that the construction company (SOJECT Construction Company) lacked experience on cast and recast of pedestrian bridge construction while the staff with relevant experience in construction practice is not good enough.

He added that adequate and appropriate measures in securing construction site in order to prevent and authorise access to the site were lacking at the time of the accident.

The report highlighted further that no evidence of any form of insurance for works as demanded by the general condition of contract have been made available to the committee.

Eng. Sadeeq report maintained that in the committee?s opinion the immediate cause of the collapse of the concrete structure beam was due to none provision of dredging system to secure and restrain the mounted concrete beam temporarily before any other permanent connections to the beam.

The report also stated that it was disturbing that some of these beams have been placed from Friday April 24, up to Sunday April 26, when the first accident occurred.

According to the report the remote cause of the falling of concrete beam was the absent of mental statement whereby contractors submit for approval by the supervising engineer their detail proposal for the beam mounting exercise to allow for the other road to be used and closed the other until after the satisfied exercise.


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