MahamaThe Bureau for Internal Affairs (BIA), an anti-corruption organisation, has called on President John Dramani Mahama, to sack public appointees who are not living up to expectation.

The BIA said the President?s focus should be those who are doing very little to fix the ailing economy before it gets out of hand.

Ms Cynthia Essandoh, Coordinator of the BIA made the call in a statement issued in Accra on Thursday and copied to Ghana News Agency.

?Although Ghana is seen as beacon of hope on the African continent, majority of Ghanaians are enduring the most depressing days in recent times as the economy continues to deteriorate,? the statement said.

It asked the government to investigate media reports about government appointees using their positions to amass wealth, explaining that public perception of massive corruption undermines patriotism.

?A front page story in an Accra daily about government appointees blowing cash in public and other extravagant expenditure doesn?t serve the public interest,? the statement said.

It said: ?When appointees clearly demonstrate that they are not fit for the task of ministers, they must be set free of their obligations to allow more competent persons to take over such duties.?

BIA believes that running a country is a serious business requiring a heightened sense of urgency, service, sacrifice and selflessness.

?We do not need armed chair leaders to stem the affairs of this country. It is about time leaders get to the grounds and solve the problems of the ordinary Ghanaian.

?The current industrial action by Teachers and Education Workers Union and previous ones are signs that things are not getting better, hence the need for public officials to be up and doing. Standard of living is gradually falling; purchasing power of the ordinary Ghanaian has also declined.

?The leadership of the country should act in a manner that shows that they are in power to help the poor by initiating pro-poor policies and other social interventions.

?BIA will continue to inform our leaders that leadership is about service to mankind. BIA will continue to fight for freedom, and against bad policies which would not serve the interest of the nation,? the statement said.

The Bureau serves as a centre for information gathering on public concerns with the aim of bridging the communication gap between the public and authorities on issues negatively affecting the nation.

Any person or persons with genuine concerns should contact BIA through [email protected] or facebook: Bureau For Internal Affairs. GNA


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