wpid-Mortey-Akpadzi.jpgNational Advocates Against Corruption And Injustice says, the?alleged Corruption in Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) must be thoroughly investigated, because EOCO is one of the few institutions in Ghana which is totally against corruption.

According to the National Advocates Against Corruption And Injustice?if persons who are mandated to work and see the effectiveness of such an institution are being found corrupt themselves, then Ghana is at its sinking embers.

“It is with a deep sense of dismay that we the National Advocates Against Corruption And Injustice note the conspicuous corruption in EOCO. Persons in institutions such as EOCO should have conducted themselves amicably for the general public to live an exemplary life. ?Ghanaians have lost trust and perhaps cannot rely on EOCO to bring out accurate report on criminal cases because they have been found remiss themselves.”

According to the group in a press statement, government must do a thorough investigation into the EOCO saga and bring out accurate report so that people of Ghana can once again rely on the institution.

However, people found corrupt in prominent institutions such as EOCO must be made to dance to the tune of the music.

” Even though EOCO has come out with reports which the general public have doubts with since it was an institution most Ghanaians had trust and faith on, no objections were heard.?At this juncture, it is pertinent for us to add that even though H.E. John Dramani Mahama is demonstrating inimitable leadership and strongly fighting corruption but his best is not good enough. Because the rate at which corruption is eating into the Ghanaian society is very disturbing and mindboggling.”

Recently, the Legislature of Ghana was labelled corrupt in regards to the statement made by a former minority and majority leader and MP for Nadowli West Hon. Alban Bagbin saying “Member of Parliament take bribes” and if the law making body of Ghana is labelled as corrupt then the whole country is sinking.

“Against this backdrop, we NAACAI feel if Prez. Mahama do not put strict measures in place to curb this corruption saga in Ghana, He will be the worst president Ghana will ever have. We the National Advocates Against Corruption And Injustice will like to make it known to the general public that we are non-partisan and our main aim is to see justice and a corruption free Ghana.”


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