The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, has backed calls for the Ghana police to investigate the infamous tape recording of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Organizer, Yaw Boateng Gyan.Mr. Gyan was caught on tape promising to help party foot soldiers to infiltrate the country?s security agencies specifically, the Special Forces to help the party?s agenda in the upcoming elections.

The NDC has stated it will not punish the national organizer for the statements made.

But speaking to Citi News Most Rev. Prof. Asante said the content of the tape erodes the confidence the public has in the security agencies and that investigations will exhibit Ghana?s interest is above partisan interests.

?As a concerned citizen, I am very much concerned about [issues] of that nature,? he said. ?I have heard and was shocked when it turned out that he claimed the voice was his because I have heard the voice being played over and over again.?It is very, very unfortunate because once it creates all sorts of problems, it raises doubt even in respect of the security agencies,? he explained.

According to him, he, together with other members of the Peace Council are already entreating the general public to conduct the elections in a civil and peaceful manner so,

?if somebody is trying to recruit party people to try to infiltrate the security agency, then it raises a whole lot of questions with respect to credibility and it will also erode the little confidence that people have in the security agency.?

Most Rev. Prof. Asante stressed the need for immediate investigation saying,

?the security agencies must really investigate this and they must come up with something that will really tell the public that what is going to happen is not what some party people are saying.?

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