I would like to introduce you to the new and improved Lake Bosomtwe.  Lake Bosomtwe has been always known to be a great tourist site for Ghana.  Unfortunately, lack of secured amenities, safety and uncontrolled traffic during holidays has left many Ghanaians the impression that the Lake isn’t a safe place to relax and enjoy a day or weekend with family and friends.
I am here to introduce you to a new, clean, safe and fun place at the Lake, in the town of Obo, 2.6 km from Abono.  Wildwin Resort is set on the stunning Lake Bosomtwe, an oasis of peace and tranquility, a tropical paradise of exquisite natural beauty.  Wildwin is the kind of place that you can bring your friends and family for a day’s out or weekend getaways. Wildwin can be rented for Birthday Parties, Concerts, School Reunions, Weddings, Corporate Parties and many more. We offer variety of activities ranging from, Camping, Swimming, Hiking, Volleyball, Pool/Snooker, Table Tennis, Fishing, Pedal Boating and numerous Board Games on a 5.18acre land. We have 8 guest rooms and our prices range from 30 to 80 cedis per night, depending on the size of the room. Should you choose to spend just a day here without spending over  night, we have great food and plenty of this to do.
You can visit us on www.wildwinresort.com or add us (Wildwin Resorts) on Facebook for information.

Your ultimate getaway in Kumasi.  Make your reservations today or call us   (+233-206728613 or 054-0988613)


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