Investors had been exchanging their lira for foreign currencies in recent days
Investors had been exchanging their lira for foreign currencies in recent days

International investors have been invited to invest in Ghana and engage in partnerships and help create jobs for the youth.

“I can assure you there are many good people here who are honest, hard working and dynamic to grow and partner your business,”

Dr. Osei-Kusi, Executive President of the Osei-Kusi Foundation, said this in Accra on Friday, at the National Youth Volunteerism and Patriotism Conference and Awards 2018.

He said it was worth noting, that the private sector drove growth in an economy saying, “we need more partnerships between international and local entrepreneurs.”

Dr.Osei- Kusi said a number of sectors that generated value such as information communication technology, had been established in Ghana and added that investing in those sectors “would create jobs and wealth for our teaming youth”.

He charged the youth to be bold and dare to take risks saying, “stop thinking you are a small guy from a village in Ghana. No you are a human being like everyone else ; you can make your dreams happen,”
Dr. Osei-Kusi urged the youth not to be part of the problem but the solution.

He also urged Ghanaians to celebrate wealthy people, who had succeeded through their sterlin efforts, and stop thinking that that every Ghanaian who made big money either dealt in drugs or was a thief.
Dr. Osei-Kusi charged the youth to endeavour to make volunteerism a priority because it held great benefits for them.

Mr. Wilson Agyeman, CEO of Diaspora Investment Fund (DIF) Africa-Ghana, said the time had come for the youth to be encouraged to get into business ventures, through creativity.

He observed that many young people graduated from tertiary institutions and remained jobless because they failed to explore their own God-given abilities, and were bent on getting employed by either the state or some organisation.

Mr. Agyeman noted that the present age presented several problems that needed solutions. He noted that potential entrepreneurs could take advantage of the situation, and seek out areas that they could explore, in order to help their own selves and others who needed their expertise.

Other speakers at the occasion were Miss Kim Green, a UK based consultant, Madam Linda Boakye, a Mind Set Strategist and Career Coach, and Mr. Cecil Nutakor, CEO of eCampus Ltd, Ghana.

Others were Miss Ivana de Haan, International Fashion Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Mr. Juergen Pallien, a German based Philanthropist and Miss Hazel Herrington, International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate.

The program was organised by the Osi-Kusi Foundation, a multiple award-winning foundation, helping to transform the lives of millions of young people, by providing them with the tools, resources and training they need, to make a global impact.


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