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A group of businessmen from the United States, Germany, Turkey and Mozambique will invest 150 million U.S. dollars in the installation of a textile industry in the northern Malanje province of Angola.

This was said on Sunday in Malanje city by the consortium, after a meeting with industry minister Bernarda Martins and the provincial governor of Malanje, Norberto Fernandes dos Santos “Kwata Kanawa”, aimed to present the project.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of TSG Global Holding, Rubar Sandi, on behalf of the businessmen, said that this project provides, in the first instance, the promotion of cotton production in Quela district, considered as traditional in this culture, and the study from other regions for cultivation.

With the implementation of the two components (industrial and agricultural), whose implementation is expected within a year, 40 to 50 thousand direct jobs are expected to be added, according to the official.

The Industry Minister Bernarda Martins said on the occasion that contacts are already being made with the Ministry of Construction and Public Works to improve the access roads to areas where cotton is intended to be grown in Quela district.

The minister assured that the textile factory will be installed in the Agro-industrial Development Hub of Malanje, whose conditions for installation of electric power and drinking water will be created soon. Enditem


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