Chief (Dr) Godswill Akpabio 
Executive Governor of 
Akwa Abasi Ibom State

Nsima Ekere
Deputy Governor of 
Akwa Abasi Ibom State

Mr Aniekan U
Commissioner of The Ministry of Information 

Akwa Abasi Ibom State 


            Open Letter To His Excellency The Governor Of Akwa Ibom State .
There is a proverb from our area that says, “As you advise the chicken that lost the chicks so do we advise the hawk”. So I am writing this letter as a record in this medium about certain events I have seen happening in Akwa Abasi Ibom State.

These events are very crafty, slimy and sickening and downright dark in nature. It is time we put politics aside and brought this issue out into the open.
I think it is only right for us not to deceive ourselves when a trend is brewing that shows that the playing field back in 
Akwa Abasi Ibom State is severely slanted against those who certain individuals in the government “judge” as being collateral damage for whatever dark ways of playing politics they posses.
One thing is us accusing Thompson 
Essien and Co about their methods and ways used to hurt the good efforts of this present administration in which the whole world has seen, has done more than any administration in the history of Akwa Abasi Ibom State(Hands down minus politics and extreme criticism).

In the same vein you have no right to accuse them of being evil in nature if you or your subordinates are also secretly playing games that hurt people(I am talking about the officers working with you).
Your Excellency ,whenever you come to the USA you always echo one message,”
People Should Come and See Akwa Abasi Ibom State For Themselves and Also Join Hands And Contribute In The Development Of The State”.

A lot of people in Diaspora have heeded to that call and have been seriously hurt in the process. Your Excellency, The number of proposals, MOU’s, White Papers and other documentation that has been given to the officers around you by Diaspora  (especially your commissioners) which has been systematically blocked from your view is alarming.

People may ask why should documentation that can change a state be handed over to officers in your administration? Well, whenever you fly into Texas(The only viable HQ based on AIDN) there is a strong determination by your entourage to ensure that people do not have access to you. Especially certain individuals who always want to show that they are the only way to you. It is also something that has been handed down to us by our colonial masters, while developed countries talk about “open-door” policies.

People can laugh and say that it happens all the time in every part of the world but the difference is if an idea is rejected it should stay rejected but then people in Diaspora watch their own ideas being implemented in Akwa Abasi Ibom State and there is nothing they can do about it. There is something called “Intellectual Property” and stealing that is as bad as stealing any other thing from a person. 

The same people that block the ideas from getting to you launch a campaign against those who are angry about these developments and call them “disgruntled, disillusioned, evil, mad” and all other words that should not be used on good people. A lot of good people’s reputation has been shredded this way. 

Then they bring the ideas before you and act as if it is theirs and you become so impressed with your so called Commissioners and Entourage. Too many people in Diaspora have tried and some have travelled as far as Turkey to get investment intoAkwa Abasi Ibom State and for no reason because they are not members of the Holy Sycophantic Choir have had their ideas shot down in mid-air .Then they walked away and suddenly pieces and parts of their plans get implemented behind their back.

Your Excellency ,either you have no idea about this development or this is your system of administration that will “unite” the good people of Akwa Abasi Ibom State.

I have had myriads of phone calls on this issue Sir.

 I appeal to you Sir to come correct and clean, you cannot have people’s ideas being implemented in the state and then have people come into the internet and say that Diaspora has not been able to contribute a dime to the development Akwa Abasi Ibom State. People cannot have their Intellectual Property stolen from them and then have agents of the present government bash them on the internet simultaneously.

I risk my reputation and life on this letter and say that this has to stop. Here in the USA (and any other developed country for that matter),A good idea is a good idea and you will not be thwarted in your attempt to execute a good idea because the lapel on your coat is not the flag of the United States of America(Ultra -patriotic).There is no statistics to show that every successful entrepreneur in the USA has sworn his allegiance to the White house !!!!

Your Excellency, your own associates have brought forward ideas from Diaspora and behaved as if it was theirs and people in Diaspora have been done over. 

Your Excellency, the system you claim that is in place for people to bring ideas and investment into Akwa Abasi Ibom State works for only one person and that is you.

Your Excellency,I repeat there is no system in place and whatever has been setup is not foolproof to ensure your idea or Intellectual Property is not hijacked. People’s intelligence have been mocked  by saying that a person’s MOU or paperwork with the state is binding in any court in Uyo!

I will end by putting this story forward.

Long before any person in Nigeria thought about any media house being HDD(High Definition Digital).A brave man(Starlink Communications) in Phoenix, Arizona  had the idea of making Akwa Abasi Ibom State the first in West Africa. My knowledge of this is based on the fact that I was approached by this person as a specialist in Web systems Integration and Cloud computing Technology to write the schematics for such a project.

I spent nine sleepless days and nights creating the schematics and phases which would integrate all aspects of media in Akwa Abasi Ibom State into HDD format right down to an app being sold in the I-tunes store(The original hardcopy of the schematics is on my Laptop).  This was absolutely going to connect all platforms from TV to Radio station to cell phone to i-pad to Laptop into a audio/visual  web and electronic cloud .Time and time again I had my misgivings about doing this but was encouraged by the man to continue and I created the schematics free without being paid. My sincerity to the man was simply that this was for Akwa Abasi Ibom State and I do not want money yet!

The paperwork was taken to Texas and given to the Commissioner of Information; Aniekan Umanah(Your Excellency the guy could not penetrate the bubble created by your associates to get to you). In the interval everywhere I turned I hear some sick story of people’s ideas being hijacked and implemented. I did not worry, because life goes on.


So seeing Aniekan Umanah showing pictures of the hardware which was Phase One of the schematics(Digital Transmitters) and acting like it is his own idea is quite unnerving(So much for nine sleepless days and nights). I wanted to keep quiet and act like it is nothing but when I think about all the phone calls, I have received about this problem of hijacking people’s ideas and the people who have been so hurt that they have walked away from ever wanting to do anything for Akwa Abasi Ibom State, I have decided to step in.

Your Excellency, this has to stop,you cannot have every single project have only your name on it. The system of your associates getting the ideas from poor innocent people in Diaspora,then they are sidelined and then you call in a foreign company of your choosing to execute the project with perks and stuff then put your name on it ,then Diaspora receives bashing that they have done nothing, is downright Satanic.

Your Excellency, so much for your Commissioner of Information that if it was not for my Father, Professor Clayton Thomas Udoh; Ex-Head of History Department (fromAfaha ObongAbak) he would not have graduated at Uniuyo.

Your Excellency ,so much for the protection of Intellectual Property originating from Diaspora that has been “hidden”  from you by your associates with or without your permission.

In the final analysis ,for those of us who have brains ,I want to believe that nobody wants his intelligence played with in such a sneaky manner.

Your Excellency, I end by thanking you for your service to the people of Akwa AbasiIbom State and for your time in considering this matter.


Idiongo Clayton-Thomas Udoh

Mesa, Arizona.


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