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?Inside Out (2015)? marks the first Pixar title not to place number one in its domestic debut, but it seems that Pixar will not be disappointed as the movie amazingly earned an estimated $91.1 million from 3,946 theaters. The animated movie got the best opening for an original Pixar title and became the second best of any Pixar film behind ?Toy Story 3?, which earned $110.3 million in its first week.

?Inside Out? also beat ?Avatar? which launched to $77 million, making it the top opening for any original movie that isn?t based on source material. ?Inside Out? opened to approximately $41 million internationally from 37 markets for a global total of $132.1 million.

Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis talked about the movie, ?John Lasseter has said that quality is the best business plan, and the cornerstone of every Pixar release. Quality in this case translated into ?Inside Out? becoming the biggest original opening in the history of the movie business by a stretch.?

He added while praising ?Inside Out?, ?It?s so relatable with its characters, so sophisticated, drawing in both adults and families. We knew we had something extraordinary when 9 P.M. shows were selling out.?

Meanwhile, ?Jurassic World? topped this weekend?s box office, grossing an estimated $102 million in its second weekend from 4,291 theaters. The movie also grossed big internationally as it earned around $160.5 million from 66 markets with an international total of $583.1 million. The dinosaur movie has earned $981.3 million globally and it is very likely to be the fastest movie in history to hit $1 billion.

?Spy? is on the third position with $10.5 million domestically in its third week. The movie has earned a domestic total of $74.4 million for an estimated global total of $170.4 million.

On the fourth position is ?San Andreas? which took an $8.2 million from 3,177 theaters in North America. The new entry ?Dope? rounded out the top five with approximately 6 million from 2,002 theaters.

?Jurassic World? ? $102 million?Inside Out (2015)? ? $91.1 million?Spy? ? $10.5 million?San Andreas? ? $8.2 million?Dope? ? $6 million?Insidious Chapter 3? ? $4.1 million?Pitch Perfect 2? ? $3.2 million?Mad Max: Fury Road? ? $2.8 million?Avengers: Age of Ultron? ? $2.7 million?Tomorrowland? ? $2 million



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