expandable suitcases
expandable suitcases

Suitcase Transforms From a Regular-size Carry-on into a Full-size Suitcase; Giving

Travelers Freedom With Their Luggage Sizes and Allowing Them to Avoid Costly Baggage Fees


Fugu, the smart-luggage manufacturing company, has announced the official launch of its smart, expandable suitcase – the Rollux – on Kickstarter. With Rollux, travelers can fly one way with a carry-on, and if they end up purchasing items on their trip, expand the suitcase in order to bring their purchases home. The suitcase also allows travelers to avoid unnecessary baggage fees by flying with their Rollux in carry-on mode one way, and a suitcase the other – or vice-versa.

There’s a big problem within the travel industry now. For one, the majority of airlines today are charging baggage fees, and the prices are only increasing. And two, travel is often times to stressful and becomes a hassle.

The Israel-based, Fugu Luggage, was launched to offer people freedom, flexibility, and ease when traveling. Its patented expandable suitcase allows people to travel comfortably, never needing to pay baggage fees on a bulky and half-empty bag. Fugu launched its first model, Influx, on Kickstarter a few years ago, and successfully raised nearly half a million dollars. They also won the IF Design Award and got over 100 million combined views on social media.

They’re now back with a new and improved model, Rollux. The company filmed a promo video for their Kickstarter campaign and purposely chose to use an EL AL plane, that has patriotic symbols to show their pride for their home country. While many Israeli companies avoid showing they’re Israeli-based to avoid backlash, Fugu Luggage takes the opposite approach.

Rollux has:

4 removable wheels to save space for airline bag-size regulations and avoid damage
Elasticized material to fit more into your bag
Extra pockets for portable charging devices and GPS trackers
Extremely durable outer material
Super sleek and modern look
Lots of room in carry-on mode
Expands vertically in seconds

“A lot has changed within the Travel Industry in recent years, but taking a suitcase and strapping some minor tech to it isn’t enough,” said Isaac Atlas, CEO of Fugu. “With Rollux, we’ve given travelers real solutions and actually “smart” luggage”. We want to give travelers

the ability to avoid baggage fees – which are only getting more expensive – by being able to

travel with a carry-on OR a full-size suitcase whenever they want.”

This time around, Fugu is ready with the designs, it has its manufacturers, and it has solved and ironed out every technical detail possible with some of the top engineers in the country. They’re ready for production, which means no delays or unexpected situations.

Rollux is now live on Kickstarter and is one of the few Israeli startups crowdfunding in the travel space.


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