Initiative allowing unmanned robotic vehicles reaches Estonian parliament


A legislative initiative has reached the Estonian parliament that would allow unmanned robotic vehicles like delivery robots to move along streets unaccompanied by humans, local media reported.

Erki Savisaar, deputy chairman of Estonia’s ruling Center Party, has drawn up amendments to the traffic law to provide a regulation for the use of semi-automatic or automatic robots.

The draft legislation would not cover driverless cars, however, a representative of the Center Party faction in the Estonian parliament explained.

Being sure that robots will inevitably become indispensable in the future, Savisaar believed that they can be used not only to deliver parcels but also in areas like law enforcement.

“A robot vehicle cannot move faster than six kilometers per hour. Thanks to its cameras and sensors, a robot detects danger earlier than humans and it is certainly safer than a cyclist or roller-skater moving at high speeds,” Savisaar said, stressing the necessity to ensure the safety of people when the robots appear on the sidewalks.

The lawmaker cited street tests where robots had successfully run more than 30,000 kilometers along sidewalks without causing any traffic accidents.

Savisaar’s initiative has already won supporters from all factions of the Estonian parliament. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/

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