Rita Dominic and Ini Edo

Rita Dominic and Ini Edo

Ini Edo and Rita Dominic are two Nollywood actresses that have had their own fair share of controversies in the media. Before their reported fight, they were best of friends both on locations and in their individual lives.

Just like a big bang, the media became filled with reported feuds between the two Nollywood’s top actresses. The reason for their differences has been kept secret and away from their curious fans of the two make-believe queens.

Though none of them has come out to deny reports about their reported rift but they have kept mum about it. So, NFC sought to know if the story was true.

When asked about it, Ini Edo did not deny it but only told Nigeriafilms.com that she would not discuss Rita in her interview with us.

Many fans of the two actresses have wondered what could have come between them that may have made their rift unsettled till now after some reported attempt to mediate between them.

Last year, Rita went on twitter to point out an abnormally in Ini Edo’s overnight vote rise when they were both looking for votes to win as the Best Actress of the year in an award category. Months later, it was exclusively reported by Nigeriafilms.com that both actresses shunned as peace meeting organised by some of their friends in the industry.

At the premiere of Ini Edo’s movie earlier this year, Rita was absent at the event. This raised some eyebrows about their reported rift. Some industry watchers have wondered if the two once good friends would bury their hatchet and embrace peace.

Source : nigeriafilms.com


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