sermon guide on Water Sanitation and Hygiene

World Vision International, Ghana, a Christian humanitarian organisation, has launched a sermon guide on Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) aimed to harmonize the engagement of Christians in addressing issues pertaining to community wash.

The purpose of the guide was to empower Christian leaders at all walks of life in every community, to be able to deliver biblical sermons that addresses WASH-related issues and as well inculcate in Christians and humanity at large good values that can really trigger attitudinal and behavioural change.

The director of the organisation, Mr. Dickens Thunde, called on Christians to be advocates of human transformation.

He made the call when launching the sermon guide on WASH at the opening session of a two-day National Partnership Forum on Transformational Development, held at the Swiss Alisa Hotel in Accra.

Mr. Thunder emphasised that, Christians in Africa were not living a better live, let alone to impact others positively. However, he said, World Vision’s mission was to follow Jesus in working with the poor and oppressed, promote human transformation, seek justice and be witnesses to God’s Kingdom, in order to revive the hopeless in the society.

He said, there was the need for collaborative effort with faith-based organisations to help identify the most vulnerable and how to meet their needs, thus the organization this forum.

Mr. Dickens Thunder expatiated on five new strategies adopted by the group in line with UN SDGs, to effectively carry out their mandate as deepening their commitment to the most vulnerable, focusing on the ministry for a greater results, collaborating and advocating for broader impact, delivering high quality service, and living out faith and calling with boldness.

The sermon guide with nine sermons, he said was developed by the World Vision amidst Ghana achieving 8% in sanitation, 15% in living without toilet facilities, 19% in Open Dedication, about 60% share latrines while 58% dispose waste indiscriminately. And again, over 3.5 million people have no access to safe water, as released by Water Resource Commission.

Speaking of religion, he said, Christians were the majority, with 71.2% out of the total population, therefore the organisation decided to bring in faith leaders to help engage Christians on the challenges of the menace and for behavioural change.

He noted that, its themes were developed by experts, backed by the Scriptures, reviewed by the Ghana Integrated WASH Programme for Technology, among various Christian leaders.
The sermon guide, he revealed, included the importance of WASH, personal hygiene, hand washing at critical times, food hygiene, water safety at point of use, and child health.

Sanitation, human excreta disposal, care for the environment, sustainability, community ownership and management were the other topics treated in the guide, and are all backed with Biblical quotations.

The Executive Director of Meaningful Life International, an NGO, Reverend Godwin Ahlijah, indicated that the Gospel was holistic, therefore Christians should not only be Heavenly minded, but of “a little earthly use”, thus the guide should be made to work.

He advised that the sermon guide would not be theoretically launched but be infused in the course outline of bible schools, used as Sunday School study material and added to morning devotional manuals.

Rev Ahlijah suggested that the book be introduced in the educational curriculum as it would change and save the country.
“The media should also promote it by provoking discussions, among other programmes, to make the content known to all and sundry,” He reiterated.

By:Sammy Adjei/


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