Insefly showroom

Inesfly Africa, an insecticide manufacturing company, has inaugurated a showroom in Accra as part of its mission to end malaria and other vector-borne diseases in Ghana and across other countries on the African continent.

Insefly showroom

In an interaction with journalists, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Inesfly Africa, Mr. Michael Sjodin said the company’s expansion drive to help fight malaria was on course.

Malaria was one of the three leading causes of death in Ghana and account for over 40 per cent of outpatient visits, according to the Ghana Health Service.

Mr Sjodin said the Company’s range of products, included paints, floor-cleaners, body-repellents and crop protection for the agricultural sector, would help eradicate malaria in Ghana.

Inesfly Africa’s technology allows insectides to be released in a gradual and slow manner, thereby prolonging the efficacy and reducing the active ingredient’ toxicity — making it completely safe for humans, pets and other animals.

The products are further fortified by the inclusion of insect growth regulators which prevent insects from fully developing and reproducing.

Mr Sjodin said the Company’s aim in 2017 was to reduce ten-fold the current level of malaria cases in Ghana through an increase in the number of sales points from 600 in 2016 to 6,000 in 2017 to ensure that the products were available to people who need them.

On export, the CEO said the Company expected to be present in 29 countries up from the 14 countries in which it currently operated through building an export hub in the Southern Africa Region to serve a number of countries.

It would also focus on further growing operations in Togo and Benin.

Jose Javier Gracenea, the Chief Technical Officer at Inesfly Africa Limited, said the Inesfly range of products were safe and do not have any side-effects on humans and pets.

“The microencapsulation technology allows for a slow and gradual release of active ingredients which are of no consequence to humans and pets. This mechanism ensures a minimal release of insecticides targeted at just insect-pests,” he explained.

Besides, the products safety is reinforced by certifications from notable bodies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).

The Director of Sales, Mr David Afugani, said aside the fight against malaria the Company had been dominant in dealing with insects’ infestation in the agricultural industry, hospitality and public health sector.



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