“The resolve of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to go ahead with her planned Supplementary Election in Anambra State has clearly shown that INEC is determined to scuttle democracy in Anambra State,” Says?Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu Klinsmann,?ICT and Communication Unit (Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation).

New PictureAccording to him, New evidence emerges daily and the last may not have been heard regarding the fraud perpetrated under Prof Jega?s lens in both INEC Offices at Abuja and Awka.

“New information has shown that INEC hurriedly created 1903 new polling booths two days prior to the election to prepare ground for rigging. During the election, about 6583 polling booths were used, meanwhile, Political parties were given a list containing only 4680 polling booths. How did 1903 polling booths surface on the Election Day? An INEC official argued that the new polling booths were created but were not used. The question is, what then happened to the result sheets that were meant to be used at the 1903 new polling booths, have the result sheets been accounted for?

……..New evidence has also been suggested as was aired on Channels Television on the 23rd Nov, 2013 that INEC allowed the registration of minors as voters by Anambra State Government and APGA. These minors, most of whom are less than eleven years of age were fraudulently registered as voters in places like Anaocha LGA and strongholds of APGA and were used to rig election on the 16th of November.”

He nopted that the resolve to insist on Supplementary Election in Anambra State is a deliberate attempt by INEC to either scuttle the Guber election in the state or to abscond from responsibilities without clearing the mess manufactured in her office at Awka and midwifed by Prof Onukog, and that there is no provision for a SUPPLEMENTARY ELECTION in Either our Electoral Act or the 1999 Constitution. INEC knew that in Nigeria Electoral Act, we only have GENERAL ELECTION, BYE-ELECTION, FRESH OR RERUN ELECTION AND A RUN-OFF ELECTION.

A general election is the regular election conducted under the Electoral Act and the constitution. It includes presidential, governorship or legislative elections or election into the local government or area councils.

“A bye-election is conducted to fill a legislative seat made vacant by the death, resignation, incapacity or recall of an incumbent.?A rerun election or a fresh election is conducted following an order by an election tribunal, court, or election appeal tribunal nullifying the result of a particular election, and directing that a fresh election be conducted in place of the nullified or voided election.”

A run-off election, he indicated, ?is conducted between two leading candidates vying for a particular office following the failure of the initial election among the candidates in an election to produce a clear winner in accordance with the law.

“In all these, there is no place Supplementary election was mentioned in our constitution or the Electoral Act. Any other instruments outside these two are NULL and VOID.

Anambrarians, must rise and reject calls for Supplementary election and other diversionary antics of INEC. The electoral body must explain to Anambrarians and Nigerians why it hurriedly created 1903 polling booths two days to the election and what happened to the result sheets of these ?polling booths.”




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