Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Said Meki Sadiki

Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), Said Meki Sadiki

Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Saidi Meck Sadiki, said in a joint press conference with National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in the city yesterday that owners of 366 industries did not meet the deadline.

? A lack of cooperation from the industries has forced us to extend the deadline to next month,? said the RC. But he warned that those who would not meet the second deadline will face the wrath of law, noting that those who would defy the law will serve a six-month jail sentence.

?The goal of industries census is to examine changes experienced by industrial sector in order to enable government improve programmes geared towards creating employment for youth,? Mr Sadiki observed.

He further pointed out that the goal of industries census was in line with 2025 Development Vision, Big Results Now (BRN) and the Poverty Eradication and Economic Empowerment programme.

?The industries census will provide the government with information on the level of standard of industries as the country is in transition from low income to middle-income class country,? said the RC.

He explained that industries census was vital for government to get accurate statistics on the industries and that the information to be filled in the questionnaires include nationality of owners, the cost of operations, physical address, and the number of staff.

Mr Sadiki said it was the owners? responsibility to provide the government with accurate information on their industries in order to enable the government improve the industrial sector.

?I call on industry owners to provide NBS officials with cooperation while collecting the filled questionnaires as the exercise requires understanding and prudence,? he said.

By LUDOVICK KAZOKA, Tanzania Daily News


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