Indomie, leading producer of noodles, says it would provide litter bins to various markets and institutions to discourage the public from wanton littering in public places.Indomie logo

Ms Ernestina Yeboah, Sales Manager, Accra said the donation of the bins would complement efforts to ensure a clean environment.

The government has instituted a National Sanitation Day, which is held on the first Saturday of every month to undertake clean up exercises throughout the country.

Speaking in an interview, Ms Yeboah said Indomie is making available 20 litter bins to be placed at vantage points in markets within the central business district of Accra to help in keeping the environment in the markets clean.

?Cleanliness is dear to our heart so we are taking the opportunity to provide the bins as our token contribution to ensure a cleaner Ghana,? she said.

Ms Yeboah said the company would also undertake public education vis-?-vis the distribution of the bins to ensure the importance of environmental cleanliness.

She said the National Sanitation Day campaign is laudable and encouraged the public to fully participate in the activities, adding the Indomie staff would not be left in offering their services.

Indomie is the leading noodles brand in Ghana and globally and has over the years been embarking on various programmes to support the society.



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