The country known for its geographical, cultural, lingual and visual diversity, India unleashes a different color and form to every visitor. In this scenario it is not just the destinations rather the experiences that interest visitors and they love to plan their itinerary around a particular theme for traveling. The most appealing of al India tour packages is a Taj, Tiger & Temple Tour. Three major vertexes of India tours are covered into this one theme which can be best placed in the northern region of the country where all these three elements are beautifully engraved into one itinerary. This way a north India tour is converted into a three-dimensional body which has something to offer for everyone.

Wonderful Taj & Mughal Grandeur: In the scheme of the things a visit to India’s crown bearer, Taj Mahal has to come first.

This is not just a mere mausoleum, but rather is a fabulous spectacle of luxury and extravagance. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built this mausoleum to commemorate his beloved life Mumtaz Mahal. The monument is a beautiful symbol of eternal love and is closest to hearts of millions of people around the world and has been announced one of the Seven World Wonders again and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wilderness Escapade: Wildlife enthusiast finds more than one options to fill in the ‘Tiger’ bracket of this form of India tours. The region has many a national parks out of which Jim Corbett National Park is an excellent choice for wilderness escapade.

The park situated in the hills of Ramnagar in Uttarakhand state of North India has the perfect backdrop of Himalayas and a Himalayan biosphere. Tiger populace is of good number and has been increasing at an excellent rate which is why it is one of the best places to head for jungle safaris in the vicinity.

Exquisite Temple Tour: Temple tour in North India would mean you would have to choose between plains and hills because there is no dearth of gorgeous temples all around. However, if you choose Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand you can encompass four distinct holy towns of Uttarakhand. These towns take one on a highly significant pilgrimage tour of Badrinath, Dwarka, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Each of the sacred towns has their own significance and thus it is considered the biggest tribute a Hindu pays to almighty to seek his blessings and salvation in the end. Temples at these locales are situated amidst lush foliage of Uttarakhand and amidst soothing serenity and tranquility providing a heavenly experience to all devotees.

Unleashing real face of India an itinerary comprising Taj, Tiger and Temple is a great way to explore the country. Touching all the celebrated elements of the country, this theme of India tours is truly incredible making your visit a journey of a lifetime.

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