Deputy Minister of Health (middle) with some doctors from Apollo Hospital

A DELEGATION of senior healthcare professionals from Apollo Hospitals, India is currently in the country on a visit.

The team members who include senior renowned consultants in nephrology, cardiology and neurosurgery will offer the opportunity for the nation to get expert medical opinions from some of the very best consultants in the world.  

The team visited the country in November 2011 at the invitation of the Ministry of Health and then in July this year when they conducted a medical consultation at the Wellness Laboratories.

The visit was aided by Deputy Health Minister, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo and the Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Rajinder Bhagat.

Mr. Mettle-Nunoo encouraged the partnership between Apollo Hospitals and Ghana after his visit to the facility in India in October 2011 during which he became impressed with the high quality of healthcare delivery by the facility at competitive prices.  

Apollo Hospitals Group is said to be looking forward to interacting with the Ghanaian medical fraternity, particularly doctors, technicians and nurses.

The hospital is offering short and medium term training/attachment courses for doctors and other paramedical staff of Ghana in super specialty areas like non invasive and interventional cardiology, nephrology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and any other specialty as required.

A large number of local medical personnel are said to visit Apollo Hospitals every year for advanced training, returning to their home countries with new skills set to add value in their healthcare system.

The hospital group is credited with having trained personnel from various African countries including Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Iraq and a host of others and is touted as one of the leading healthcare providers in Asia.

It is also credited with being able to provide global standards of healthcare with clinical outstanding outcomes at considerably competitive cost.   

Apollo Hospitals is expected to work on collaborating, supplementing and supporting efforts of the highest healthcare professionals in Ghana in upgrading the healthcare infrastructure and skill sets.

Three super speciality consultants in cardiology, nephrology and neurology are also expected to conduct another medical consultation at the Wellness Laboratory between September 27and 28.

This is to help Ghanaian patients who access speciality treatment for certain conditions which are not accessible in Ghana.

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