Honeymoon has undoubted special significance in the life of the new wed couple. The person who wants a honeymoon really thinks of some beauty spots like national parks, the hill stations, the beaches and many other places he loves to see in a country. The international tourist can select the wonderful country called India for such an event and will probably find the best of the destinations here for such an event.  The goal is to make the dream memory after visiting the honeymoon places in India. India is a beautiful land with the mountain and pasture splendors of Kashmir, Shimla and Manali on the one side and the beach destinations of Goa and Kerala on the other hand.  Generally, the tourist wants to celebrate the honeymoon in the natural spot be it the Kodaikanal or Munnar of south India or the splendid forts and palaces of the country.

It will be better for the tourist to go for the honeymoon packages in India if he wants to enjoy the event in the royal state of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is the place of forts and the mesmerizing hill spot of mount Abu.  Coming to the wonderful place of Udaipur and spending the couple of days of honeymoon in the Lake Palace is really an experience of the maharaja.  Rajasthan will provide the best in terms of cuisines, transportation facilities from one spot to other in the region. The adventure tourists love to celebrate the honeymoon in the open tents in the desert to have the exotic feel of the desert beauty in the night. The fact remains that nights are cooler in the desert. 

There are many honeymoon destinations in India and one has the option to enjoy the luxury honeymoon in the country by visiting the various spots in the trains like Heaven on wheel, Deccan odyssey and many more.

The people from the different parts of the world love to enjoy the honeymoon in the national parks in India.  These people come in the category of the adventure tourists and are not generally afraid of the wild beasts rather they enjoy making love in a cottage in the national parks amid the sounds of the wild animals during the night.  The Indian government hotels and the private players have opened some wonderful resorts and hotels in the national parks like Ranthambore, Jim Corbett, Sundarbans, Bandhavgarh, Kaziranga, Periyaar and many more.  Celebrating the honeymoon in the national park is like celebrating it in the woods.

India is a place of the wonderful cities with the modern facilities. There are couples who want to celebrate the honeymoon in the star or heritage hotels in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. This is also an experience with the difference. Honeymoon in the Indian cities is a great fun and the couple will have the option to enjoy the best of the spots that are nearby the hotel resort or lodge in which the couple is residing.  Indian honeymoon will prompt the tourist to come here again and again and it will be everlasting remembrance.

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