The party averred that it has matured enough over time, and will continue to sound alarm over the shameful stealing of the tax payers’ money which are being diverted to fund NDC’s campaign.


At a press conference addressed by its National Chairman, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond, he indicated that “Incumbency is not a passport to steal our money.”

According to him, the PPP is a party that was formed with the belief that Ghana deserves better results than has been achieved in the fourth republic.

It said, it is ready to bring the type of change that will be felt by majority of Ghanaians and not just a privileged few as is being experienced under the current government.

According to him, because the PPP believes in a progressive philosophy it will ensure that pragmatic steps are taken to make life better and build on the quality of life of the people of Ghana.

Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond told journalists that, those who joined the PPP form other political parties were searching for more civil, friendlier and productive relationships within the party, independent from the NDC and the NPP since they did not want to witness any sorts of internal bitter and acrimony.

“They wanted to be part of a group whose members would try and solve problems by going through internal processes; without resort to the media or the courts. They wanted to join together those who would not support attempts to divide the ranks of the party for selfish individual advantage.” He said.

According to Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond, the PPP is ready to bring positive change to Ghana adding that the PPP has established the moral authority to be crusaders against corruption, poverty, impunity of government abuse of incumbency.

He said, the NDC and NPP both went after votes refusing to take the moral high road, “They won votes and seats in parliament but lost the opportunity to lead from the front,” he said.

He also expressed amusement at the pattern of voting in Ghana. According to him, the people of Ghana voted for parities they thought could win elections and not the party with the capability to improve their standard of living.

However he said, “Doing the same wrong thing over and over again does not get you the change you need. Ghanaians are beginning to wake up and understand that you get what you vote for.”

He also explained that the PPP faithful after losing the 2012 elections remained determined and ready to demonstrate to the people of Ghana that they will stand up for the rights of all citizens, therefore remain strong advocates for reforms, work independence and strengthening of state institutions.

“Our party believes that the 1992 Constitution needs to be amended to reflect our present day realities, future aspirations and need for accelerated development at the local levels throughout the country. We need PPP members in parliament to champion this change agenda and reduce heightened tensions that could weaken the nation’s democratic credentials,” he said.

The PPP Chairman also enumerated the party’s preparedness to put its members in Parliament from all ten regions so as to end the “Winner-Takes-All disease” in Ghanaian politics.

Commenting on the party’s campaign, Nii Allotey Brew-Hammond said the campaign has successfully taken off in all ten regions and the party will soon be launching a National House to House and Village to Village campaign to garner support for the coming elections.

He also revealed that the party will be holding a National convention in July to outdoor its Presidential Candidate after which vigorous national campaign for votes will begin.

He however stressed that the PPP will not sit aloft for people to “steal” votes in 2016 elections.

He stressed that, “We have matured and are wise to the ways of vote buyers and stealers. We will continue to sound alarm over the shameful stealing of our tax money to fund NDC’s campaign. Incumbency is not passport to steal our money. We are prepared to use legal means to aid the Electoral Commission enforce the laws that govern political parties and elections.”



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