It is considered quite important as a safety precaution to have dog guards installed in the car. This makes pet travel easy, safe and also more comfortable. Most of the time, your pet has to travel most uncomfortably by being jammed between the children’s feet. Instead, your pet can travel comfortably in the rear of the van. Many car travellers have outings that include your dog and Dog guards are specifically created for your particular model of car. Several car accessories, such as pet bowls, dividers, vehicle carpet mats and so on that is specifically designed to suit the particular model and make of your car can be found online.

You can just select your car and the model details from a list and select the car accessory that you need, such as dog guards.

These can be useful for the safety of the car as well as the passengers who are travelling. It is important that during travel, the dog should be confined or rather restricted in movement inside the car. Guards can be easily installed at the rear of the car. There are several types of guards, such as the mesh ones and the cargo type or the tubular guards. The tubular ones are very suitable for Estate cars and are made using high quality steel with tubular crossbars. Such models are also adjustable in height and in the width.

Pet owners find the thought of leaving their pets behind very worrying, but it can also be quite hazardous travelling with them for a weekend. You can now ensure comfort and security for your dog and your family with such dog guards and other dog accessories. You can also gain easy access to the rear of the car from the inside.

Our designs offer the optimum use of space in the car, so that you can place long items in the vehicle without removing the dog guard. It is also fully adjustable and can be installed very easily without the use of any tools. This is the safest alternative, as the dog might otherwise stick his head outside the window and could be injured by some flying objects.

Whatever the type of car, whether it is a Daihatsu, a Fiat, a Daewoo, a Ferrari or any other make or model, you will find suitable Dog guard that is tailor made to fit the model of the car online. You surely need to make sure that you have the right equipment while travelling, so that your dog is comfortable and secure, so that the journey is safe for both. The Travaal dividers for digs are designed for your vehicle and we also provide DIY instructions for fitting and removing.

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