Speed and efficiency are crucial in the service industry. Filling out documents can slow down every part of the service process and reduce employee productivity. The growth of mobile technology makes it possible for your business to move from this outdated method to custom mobile apps that addresses common problems experienced in the field. Going Mobile in the field has some of the following benefits:

unnamed (6)1. Reduces Data Entry Errors: Previous, field service workers had to keep track of parts and customer data with handwritten forms which then had to be recorded into the company’s computer system. Switching to a Mobile service apps eliminates the need to re-key data by allowing service representatives to scan part information and keep a running record of customer data that is stored in a central location such as a company cloud. This ensures that the company can keep track of every part used and that no inventory ever goes unaccounted for.

2. Streamlines the Invoicing Process: Having a uniform invoice style reduces confusion for your company and your customers. With field service apps, technicians can generate easy-to-understand invoices by clicking through menus of pre-determined options with accurate descriptions of each job. This creates an exact record of labor time or products sold. It also allows service representatives to give customers their invoices and begin the payment process on the spot rather than waiting for handwritten forms to be processed.

3. Track workforce Movement: Mobile tracking Apps will tell you where your employees are, where they?ve been and where they should be next. The goal is to make businesses more efficient through smarter activity management, which should hopefully mean faster driving routes, better customer service and fuel savings. And yes, to also help businesses keep tabs on employee productivity.

4. Improves Time Management and Recording: Relying on hand-written time sheets can result in inaccurate reporting and loss of revenue when employees are paid for overtime that they didn’t actually work. Custom mobile apps keep track of time spent on individual tasks to ensure precise reporting. They can also be used to improve coordination in dispatch schedules and ensure that qualified service professionals are properly matched to each job.

5. Captures Customer Signatures: Traditional receipts and invoices can become damaged or get lost in the paper trail that forms when trying to keep track of daily work orders. Mobile apps can instantly capture a customer’s signature and attach it to a PDF invoice that can be sent back to your company and to the customer to create complete records on both sides of the transaction.


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