Most entrepreneurs and organizations are of opinion that the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is gradually becoming important. This device represents an essential facet in an individual’s life. The way an individual feels and how productive he is utilizing it all goes on to translate his emotional happiness. It is synonymous to the thought that when office workers do not have a specific uniform, then why they should use uniform computing devices. Using a computing device that they are happy with naturally enhances their productivity according to Forrester research.

Prevalence of BYOD

It is essential that organizations ensure that they are equipped with facilities to assist the correct behavior trends with the propagation of these devices.

Though it is easy to say than perform, organizations today are working in order to solve these concerns. A lot is being done by various service providers to assist enterprises to manage and secure their email, enable end users to avail it securely from their device, that includes iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone as well as Android. It is essential to place the data in the hands of the user on device but in a compliant and secure way.

Today eminent service providers of Application Delivery Networking have introduced innovative remote desktop solution for BYOD and tablet access. As opposed to VPN’s this solution allows workers to avail virtual and physical desktops from anywhere simultaneously, keeping remote devices off the network.

Regardless, whether users are in their residence, office, partner site or a meeting or on iPad or Android devices they are able to work like the way they do in their office. The risk of information leaving the network is completely eradicated.

Remote Desktop for BYOD

In order to allow tablet remote access to personal Android and iPad devices, remote desktop appliance is installed within a corporate network that sets up user credential for a safe access. Either virtual or physical office desktops can be registered for users. This is a simple process that can be completed by an able administrator through a database or manually.

BYOD ensures Business Continuity and Productivity

Deploying remote desktop solutions to ensure tablet remote access for their working staff, organizations attain a cost-efficient solution. This solution is completely safe and under IT control and simultaneously offers complete application availability and assists bring your own device strategy. It is easy to implement and simple to use and manage. Furthermore there is also a remote access solution for business continuity and productivity enabling users to log in to their office desktops anytime and anywhere.

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