it is very important to build a strong and healthy working relationship with travel agents and corporate clients. Group reservation is one area where a hotel can be hugely benefitted and thus much care needs to be taken to improve group reservations. The travel agents and corporate clients can play a very crucial role in getting more group reservations for the hotel. However when it comes to this form of booking, care needs to be taken to prepare the bill appropriately and exactly as per the instructions given by the group owner. Group billing can be difficult for those hotels that do not follow a systematic approach in dealing with their data. However, since many hotels today use a property management system, it has become much more easier to make group billings. Property management system offers hotels the flexibility and simplicity that compels hotels to start using the application.

With the help of a hotel management software, there are many things that a hotel can take care of. Some of them are:

• Property management system can be used to easily set limits on the charges recoverable from the group owner, who in most cases, are the travel agents or the corporate company.

• The hotel management software can be used to automatically bill only selective product categories that were previously selected by the group owner.

The  points of sale software(POS) can be used for the purpose where the billing instructions can be automatically set. • Taxation is something that can get a little tricky in cases of group reservations. Nonetheless, it is important that hotels comply with the law of the land and account for all taxes to be collected from the guests. With the help of a hotel management software, hotels can easily apply different tax slabs on different component sold be it a room for a night, a product or services offered at the hotel. • To further make taxation easy, property management systems usually have a method of complete tax break-up that is incorporated in the invoice to show the complete break-up of expenses and added tax. Taxes that are obtained from any points of sale services are also shown in the invoice.

• Hospitality businesses that earlier used to buy ten to twelve racks of equipment can now accommodate all their systems into just one or two, thereby decreasing the power, space and air conditioning expenses of the organization.

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