No two ways about dums? as disguised curfew. Total darkness is unpredictable but worse still, it comes when least expected.


They say it could come every third day but it comes half day, full day, the day after and sometimes after the day before.

Agree or disagree, like it or not, in the least, the act of dums? has become a tool of curfew. It is disguised to hide the fact that it is a form of re-enactment of the congress desire to cage everyone but their selfish selves.

For they the congresspeople, dums? reminds them of their good old 1980s curfew which the group imposed on an entire motherland for some six years. That 1980s ?under curfew? took away every non-congress compatriot?s right to freedom of movement while keeping that prized right to only the congress breed. Today they are aggressively replaying that under curfew in dums?.

That is to say today, the 1980s curfew is back, disguised as dums? the disguised curfew. If the 1980s under curfew confined people indoors and curbed outdoor movement, today?s disguised curfew constricts indoor activities by imposing darkness with dums? the instrument of implementation.

The compatriot mind is stimulated and nourished through indoor activities such as reading, writing and engagement in many of the Internet spawned social media activities.

There are, indeed, all kinds of pleasures that can be derived from indoor activities including media patronage of the type of television and other viewing or listening to radio.

Those who want to argue that many or perhaps all the Internet based indoor activities are also available on the mobile handset device (which operates equally well outdoors), need to be reminded that they should not forget that cellphone batteries have to be recharged using the electricity dums? takes away from my compatriots.

Come to think of it: disguised curfew is under curfew because when your lights go off at seven post meridian after you?ve drudged and traumatically trudged yourself through the traffic gridlock, there is no way you can step out to enjoy the outdoors. You are sequestered from indoor activity. Reaching for an outdoor activity at that time is possible if you can endure more pain of traffic jam. So you are stuck nowhere; without indoor activity and out of reach of outdoor activity.

Sleep, they say, is life. If you are not sleeping well, you are not living well. And sleep is health; if you don?t sleep well, your immune system weakens and with your immune system weakened you become susceptible to deadly cholera and ?abora? attack. Dums? rudely destroys sleep. With it, one?s sleeping pattern gets broken and shattered, stolen away by congress incompetence caused by their thieving ways of stealing all the money (cocoa, gold, oil, borrowed) that could have been used to fix the energy problem so that there will be no dums?. That aggravates disguised, or under, curfew conditions.

When your lights go off at K?k??k? or Efiewura or some boring television news time, you are deprived of that small End?e (a lawmaker rep?s version for ?enjoy?). Under curfew conditions, you are restrained from outdoor activities; in disguised curfew, you are deprived of indoor activities. Thus, disguised or under, it is still the displeasure and deprivation as a result of curfew consequences.

If you have ever found food you have bought with money rot in your refrigerator; or if you have knocked or injured yourself against something in darkness caused by dums?; or if you have been deprived of any indoor activity because of dums?; do not forget any of that before you vote in year 2016.

Or, if you could not adequately prepare for your work the evening and night before because of dums?; or if you could not prepare well for your examination because of dums?; or if you know someone who has endured any of these, keep your memory of it fresh till your 2016 vote cast.

Make sure your memory is not shortened for you to forget the 2009 to 2015 suffering by 2016.? You cannot afford to have a short memory and forget dums??s massive harm to body and soul. That short memory can kill you.

If you keep your memory fresh till then, you will be able to adequately punish these congresspeople who made you suffer those dums? consequences. And if you help thumb them out, you would be saving yourself from perpetual congress inflicted dums?. Remember congress imposed curfew, both under and dums? disguised, in 2016, and forever, save and protect yourself from harm caused by dums? darkness.

Should curfew be forgotten by 2016 and congress by misfortune continues to stay, trust the group to one day invent ?over curfew.? That will be in-between the difference between under curfew (curbed outdoor movement) and disguised curfew (curtailed indoor actvities).

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh


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