With the growth in the number of crimes that are being committed worldwide there is the need to have an in-depth analysis about the scientific evidence that is collected to help solve crimes. Hence the importance for scientific analysis that helps in solving a crime and help in the legal proceedings that follow. Forensic is the science that helps in gathering as well as analysing evidence that is available in the scene of crime. The evidence that is thus collected helps in the legal aspects as well. There is no one definition of forensic that can be declared as the most appropriate that explains the essence of the science. This article will help you to understand the meaning of the subject and how it helps in the investigation process.

There are many parts of forensic in the present day and hence the definition of forensic cannot be constrained only to the investigation field.

Forensic is applied to other fields such as information technology, accounting, engineering and psychiatry as well. It was an obscure topic in the United States till the trial of James Simpson in the year 1995. This case turned the interest of the general public towards forensics and its impact in the investigation process was proved beyond doubt. There are strict procedures that need to be adhered to ensure that the evidence is not tampered or contaminated. The definition of forensic definitely states that science is unbiased and hence the importance for forensic evidence when it comes to an investigation process. There are chances for witnesses to be biased or tampered; hence a scientific investigation is necessary to uphold the sanctity of law. This is one of the most important reasons for forensic science to play an important role in an investigation.

The definition of forensic science cannot be pertained only to blood samples and microscopic analysis. On the other hand, its importance is well spread over various field of specialization and hence it requires different specialists to perform different analysis. Forensic evidence is treated as an arsenal for an attorney when he or she is dealing a trial. This can be stated as the most compelling evidence as forensic science tells the same things anytime, any day. There is a thought process that the secrets of forensic science should not be revealed to the general public as it will give criminals to clean up after their act without leaving behind any evidence for the investigators to work on. But the truth of the matter is that it is not possible for a criminal to wipe off every trace of crime and that he or she is bound to leave behind some evidence which will help in tracing back to the concerned person.

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