Sex is the heaven of the world, These words came out?the mouth?of people who feel good sex. In terms of sex, comfort and pleasure need to be felt by both parties.

However, it is no secret that many wives who felt the opposite. Sex is boring, painful sex,?bad sex?and others.

You certainly do not want your wife to feel such things, right? If yes then you need to know how to satisfy wife in bed during intercourse.

There are many mistakes that may be made of the husband when having intercourse with his wife, which might tarnish the enjoyment of this world heaven. As a husband, you need to know the attitude of super sex. Here is a list of 10?Important Things that man Should Never done During Making Love

1. Zero preparation
You can not deny the importance of the role of?situations?and conditions that existed at the time you want to have sex. No need to redecorate your room you sleep. However, cleanliness and comfort is important to always held in the room. Avoid the cramped space, as this will make your mind is not relaxed. Tidy up the room of dirty laundry, piles of newspapers, magazines, paper work. You may also reduce the lighting, accompanied by soft music and spray?air freshener.

2. No Foreplay
Indeed sometimes you can try having intercourse without warming up or foreplay, but it only works if you and your wife are in the top of a burning passion. However, each sex is always better when you warm up first. Warming was not the only perfunctory. And do not get used to schedule a time. Let it flow. Women need a little warm up before getting to intercourse. Heating can be a caress, caress, whisper the words intimate and exciting.

3. Too Quick Baby …
Try to restrain yourself when you see her wearing a sexy nightgown. Do not just play ambushed. Face-to-call eyes and seductive smile. Control yourself when sitting side by side in bed and she does not accidentally touch your knees and pretended to look away when you look at her. The ability to control yourself in bed will make a your partner more passionate and your wife just lost control. Enjoy everything and believe me, you both must be happy.

4. Get to know?body language
Most wives rather hesitate to say frankly what she wanted. Still you can find out through body language. Do not treat her like a doll, but try to understand what he wanted. Feel how she responded?to touch?you give and give reaction to the?body language?she showed. If you feel her become tense at the touch or a specific caress, . So touch her gently.

5. Too Many?Position?To Try
Do not worry, most women have a nature adventure and want to try something new in bed. But if you want to introduce new?positions, do it carefully and do not push. Invite your wife gradually and slowly introduce your fantasy.

6. No Respect
Form a lot of respect for women. Do not you forget that, however, women still want to be appreciated. In bed though. Although the wife is always trying to please you, in fact it often makes it feel resentful. So before you call a cordial greeting, be sure to ask her ‘play’ together or let it reach the pleasure first.

7. Always manage her
In other words, you do not force and expect him to obey you for?granted. Sex is fun decree anything without coercion, rather than something that makes someone become uncomfortable and depressed. Communicate your desires through sweets words or ask your partner to move her body gently to the?position?you want. The way it will give results more fun than forcing her.

8. Do not many stay in one place
The?female body?is full of parts that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. Do not just interested in one particular point. When you are in bed with your partner, kiss her neck. Precisely, the place where the shoulder meets the neck, slowly and gently touched the back with your fingers, rubbing her feet. This will make the wife a “hot” and she will turn around trying to please you in any way.

9. Man’s ego
When you’ve reached the climax, does not mean your partner feel the same. Do not forget, the wife also wanted a pleasure as you feel. When she felt the same pleasure as you feel, she definitely hard to resist making out with you if invited. Even if your wife is hard to reach orgasm, you should at least try to please her.

10. When it’s Done then Sleep
Sexual intercourse was exhausting, indeed even directly favors if you sleep. But here’s the worst behavior that is often done by a man against a woman during sex. Try to think of what she felt and needed by your partner after sex. Invite your partner chatted light things first before you fly to a dream world.




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