Do you in need to keep your Outlook attachments for further usage but, you are worried that if you will keep all these then, your Outlook account will grow in size and after that Outlook will work slowly. You thought for a long time and decided to import multiple attachments from Outlook which is safe way to protect your Outlook attachments without losing any original property or metadata information. As well as process to import multiple attachments from Outlook emails reduces the size of Outlook account.

Why Not To Go With Other Solution To Reduce Size of Outlook Account?

Users that are in need to reduce size of their Outlook account follow the way to split PST files or they adopt the way to archive their crucial emails.

Both of these options are not good if user really want to reduce the size of their Outlook accounts without losing any property and metadata information. As splitting PST files make call to adopt outside application and users invest their money to get tool as well as they perform PST division process but, the size of Outlook account does not get reduced in this way. On the other hand archiving only shifts data from one place to other as the size of PST folders remain same so these options are not reliable as well as safe to work with, users must think how to import multiple attachments from Outlook with powerful solution instead of following such non-reliable methods.

Practical Scenario To Import Multiple Attachments From Outlook

When users change their emailing client, at that instant they might in need to import multiple attachments from Outlook because attachments can be easily imported into any emailing client after extracting from Outlook account. But, users must keep care when they are going to select outside application for the same because selecting advanced and powerful application can only short out this issue easily. Selected tool must have folder hierarchy mountainous feature along with facility to work with Outlook 2010(32 bit) and (62 bit). And selected tool must have ability to create separate folder for saving extracted attachments. Outlook Attachment Extractor is one of such outside applications availed in online market which is integrated with all the required facilities for extracting Outlook attachments without any destruction in original attributes or metadata information of email attachments. The process to import multiple attachments from Outlook can also be completed via remote software installation after contacting to support section of the organization.

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