imagesAusterity and imperialist wars are the mainstay of the world
capitalist system in 2014. In Italy on April 12 thousands demonstrated
against the massive cutbacks in salaries, high unemployment and the
reductions in public services.

On that same day people in Eastern Ukraine continued their efforts to
disassociate themselves from the fascist coup that has been carried
out in the capital of Kiev in the West. Pro-Russian demonstrations in
several cities seized government buildings and police stations
demanding a referendum on independence from Kiev and federation with

Imperialist military forces are running rampant all over the African
continent. The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), the European
Union Force (EUFOR) and NATO are engaging in operations aimed at
maintaining and enhancing the exploitation of African resources and

In the second half of this program we present part one of a tribute to
Paul Leroy Robeson (1898-1976), the legendary African American artist,
athlete, organizer and social scientist, whose life was dedicated to
the liberation of African people worldwide as well as humanity in

Robeson was perhaps the most widely known African in the world during
the period between World War I and World War II. His involvement with
the Communist and Pan-African Movements made him a target of the
United States government during the Cold War.

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